Professional Experience


CAC Manager's parent company, Project Innovation, Inc., has been a provider of case management software for over 25 years. Beginning with the development of a case management systems for District Attorneys in 1994, we have developed practical user-friendly solutions to streamline the work of non-profit and governmental agencies. Our client list includes child advocacy centers, district attorney offices, universities, and the Helping Families Initiative — a statewide case management system for Volunteers of America Southeast. 

CAC Manager understands the workflow of child advocacy centers. We work closely with our users throughout development to ensure that we are still aligned with their end-goals. We are committed to producing exceptional software for each of our clients. For more than twenty years, the CAC Manager team has supplied our clients with customized information management solutions. We are a partner, a trusted provider of comprehensive solutions, and we understand the critical work that you do. 

Our mission is to listen to your specific needs and deliver high performance solutions  through continuous innovation in an ever-changing world.

Technical Support


Take advantage of CAC's easy setup and comprehensive technical support team.


Our goal is to integrate CAC Manager seamlessly into your Center's workflow. We realize the importance of high quality technical support and the role that it plays in automating your information management.

The good news is that since you already understand the functions of your Center you know what CAC Manager can do for you. Our role is to show you how CAC Manager can support your existing workflow, processes, and procedures. CAC Manager is designed to meet your needs.

Updates and New features


There is never a charge for updates, new features, or customized reports. The best ideas come from our users who work on the front line of child advocacy every day. Our no-charge policy is a way to give back to the child advocacy community.