CAC Manager: Complete Case Management

How Do I get Started

We are ready to help you explore CAC Manager!

We have found that the easiest way for you to explore CAC Manager is to test drive it yourself. Make an appointment at a time that is convenient for you and we will initiate a personal online review with one of our live team members.

During this time you will see first-hand how the Intake, Cases, and Management Reports modules work together to help you manage your day to day caseload. This demonstration generally takes about 30 minutes, but we can accommodate  your timeframe.

After reviewing CAC Manager, together we will determine the configuration and level of support  that is best for you.

Small Centers

Does CAC Manager support small Centers?

Absolutely! CAC Manager is scalable. We support small Centers with only one user, or we can support a staff of 250 users in a multi-user environment. Scalability is just one of the many features that are customized to fit your unique situation.

For small to medium centers, a common configuration is to use our secure and encrypted cloud based hosting. Wherever you have internet access, you have access to CAC Manager. You can work from satellite offices, in court, or in your Center. 

CAC Manager is designed to fit your custom needs.

Multiple Users

Does CAC Manager Support Multiple Users

One of the most powerful features of CAC Manager is its ability to support multiple concurrent users. Your entire CAC staff can be online at the same time to access data, generate reports, schedule Multi-Disciplinary Team meetings, record Forensic Interview information, or engage in any other task.

Our support of a multi-user environment ensures that everyone on your team benefits from the work of all team members.

Secure Data

Does CAC Manager Keep My Data Secure?

  • CAC Manager offers a reliable and secure infrastructure to protect your sensitive data.
  • Your data is encrypted for the highest levels of security.
  • We provide daily automatic off-site backups.
  • All accounts are password protected.

Our data encryption system protects your system from unwanted intrusions.

We take data protection seriously. Our off-site backups ensure that you will never lose data because of accidents or other unforeseen issues.

Most intrusions into information management systems occur because of lax office practices. For example, leaving a workstation unattended for a period of time can be dangerous. We are aware of these pitfalls and have designed measures to keep your information well protected.