CAC Manager: Modules


Intake Module

CAC's Intake module stores all of the information related to a victim. Intake data includes, for example, gender, race, date of birth, biological parents, and other information that is specific to the victim.

Case Module

The Case Module manages information about forensic interviews, journal and therapy notes, offenders, and much more.

Management Reports

CAC Manager boasts over 25 customized management reports. Let us customize a report to meet your specific needs.

Forensic Interviews

Schedule forensic interviews with ease. Create emails to remind forensic interview participants, take case notes, and generate forensic interview reports.

Multi-Disciplinary Team Meetings

Manage all aspects of multi-disciplinary team meetings. Recommendations, outcomes, participants, scheduling, and much more.


Our interactive calendar automatically schedules forensic interviews and multi-disciplinary team meetings. Send reminders and schedule rooms and other resources.

Direct Services

Advocates and other CAC staff members enter the direct services that are provided for clients. Every item entered into the Direct Services module is reported in the Management Reports

Journal and Therapy Notes

Advocates and therapists can save their notes and services directly within CAC Manager. The notes are secure and can be viewed only by approved personnel.


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